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Your all in one solution for 3D content

How many meeting would it take for your company to market and publish a 3D model?  By the time you add up the hours, you might be be surprised how much it costs and how long it takes for everyone to be on the same page.  Caddalog keeps it simple, one contact will provide the engineering, marketing and web publishing for your products at a very reasonable price.  Caddalog is as all-in-one solution that understands what engineers need in a download and the technical aspects that sell it.

3D cad is marketable, helps save companies time, and allows designers and engineers to complete designs faster.  The time is now to bring your product’s 3D cad online!

Straight forward rates, NO commission

Promo pricing – get featured on Caddalog today!  Limited time opportunity

Tier 1

$ 0 Yearly +implementation costs
  • Does your company need an easy way for customers to download 3D product data? If so, the Tier 1 plan is for you. We keep it simple, create your content and publish it on your choice of 3D ContentCentral OR GrabCAD which includes:
    • Downloadable 3D product files for your clients, your company will receive the native CAD files
    • Showcase your product to a community of your choice. GrabCAD has over 4,045,000 members, 3D ContentCentral has over 1,500,000 millions CAD users
    • Company and product pages on 3D ContentCentral or GrabCAD
    • De-featured models to protect intellectual property
    • 3D model marketing (custom properties – tags – keywords)
    • Easy and secure files sharing and project management

Tier 2

$295Yearly +implementation costs
  • Could your product use a webpage? Caddalog’s Tier 2 plan will highlight some of your components awesome features while allowing customers fill out a quote request form. We will also provide SEO services for your product and host additional resources such as downloadable pdf catalogs and price sheets. Tier 2 includes:
    • All Tier 1 benefits PLUS the following Caddalog benefits
    • Product page with focused SEO content
    • Quote request form
    • Downloadable content, i.e. PDF catalogs, price sheets
    • Product photos and sliders
    • 1 news post about your product
    • Social links and sharing icons

Tier 3

$595Yearly +implementation costs
  • Tier 3 is for companies who would like to list more than one type of product on Your Company page will highlight your core business in addition to featuring your products in an organized, easy to use manner.
    • All Tier 1 and Tier 2 benefits PLUS the following benefits
    • Company page on
    • Promote multiple products at once thru application examples in 3D assemblies
    • News posts about each products type

Caddalog features and facts

Implementation Costs

Yearly fees are charged based on the publication level you would like as a customer (Tier 1, 2 or 3). Yearly fees do not include product implementation costs. Product implementation costs are based on the time it will take to draw and publish the models online. An estimate will be provided each time you would like to add a product(s) to Caddalog.

Invoicing & Payments

Caddalog processes all Credit cards transactions through - a popular and secure payment provider used by thousands of sites across the internet. After quotes are approved, invoices can be easily processed online through a secure email link.

Project Management

As a Caddalog customer, you will receive a client portal login allowing us to easily collaborate as a team or individual. As projects require, we can securely share files, task lists, Kanban boards, targeted discussions, and time tracking. This is a great resource and will help to take the guess work out of common problems such as: what files are currently shared, which item is a top priority, and what project timelines looks like.

Win Win

Customer returns can have a negative impact on customer relationships and profitably. Has this ever happened because your existing product documentation is out of date or the customer didn’t fully understand the envelope of your product? Simply by providing 3D cad data, both of these issues can be reduced. Not only will this save the customer time and frustration in the design phase, you will find there will be less confusion after the product has been ordered.


Does your company have a Bill? Bill has been with the company for 20 years and is the only person in the company who understands what the customer needs when they try and order your “widget”. If Bill is away for some reason, the customers suffer, no one really knows what’s in stock and potential sales are lost. Take some of the pain out of this process with Caddalogs product forms, available with the Tier 2 and Tier 3 plans. Not only will this quote request form clarify the ordering process for the customers, it will send you an email immediately after the customer submits the request.

Did you Know?

Given the choice, as a Mechanical Designer (my full time job) I will pay more for a product if it has 3D CAD available. If I have to spend my time drawing a part vs. paying a little extra for a similar product that has free, easily accessible and downloadable CAD, the choice is simple. Since engineers and designers are usually held accountable by hours, they are required to be efficient with their time. If products are comparable, and only one of them has quick access to CAD data, it’s easy to make the choice that will save us time.

Quality 3D CAD Content

Caddalog only uploads quality 3D content for your customers. Parts we upload must form a solid (no surfaces) for optimum software performance. Hole sizes and patterns are checked for accuracy guaranteeing correct mounting locations. Part coordinate systems are positioned in optimum mounting locations. Text, threads and other needless features are removed reducing model weight. Despite being a dummy solid, we are still able to embed SolidWorks custom properties to parts specifying supplier and part number for ordering. Links are also provided in the 3D parts directing your customers to the quote request form on Caddalog for our Tier 2 or Tier 3 clients. As part of Caddalog’s service, we request that your company reviews and gives final approval of the proposed content prior to publication.

Defeature: Protecting your 3D Property

When a part is defeatured, the design aspects are removed before publishing which protects your intellectual property. The designers and engineers downloading your product will receive a “dummy 3D solid” of the part. A dummy solid is a 3D model that has been stripped of all features used to model the part in its native software. The 3D model is still valuable as it shows a solid envelope and mounting holes and locations for the designer.

“Time is Money”

Half of my career I’ve worked design houses where we quoted machine concepts and tooling by the hour to land work. In order to be competitive, every hour mattered and I will do my best to give your projects the same respect. To work most efficiently, email is my preferred form of communication. As required, we can have phone call or schedule a GoToMeeting to resolve any difficult questions that arise. With every Caddalog customer you will receive a login to your customer database where we can securely have discussions, share notes, tasks, calendars, files, invoices and estimates.

The BIG Picture

Do you have a product that can be used as part of a standard assembly? As a Tier 3 Caddalog customer we can publish 3D assembly files of your components increasing the chances of multiple items being purchased at one time. As an example, Misumi has integrated this into their website on a section called the Idea Note. Take advantage of your whole product line using Caddalog’s Tier 3 solutions.

Website Security

All content hosted on is encrypted and decrypted via user page requests (HTTPS). Additionally, all content uploaded to Caddalog is stored on secure Siteground servers that protect thousands of websites with virtually military-level server protection, which has yet to be breached or compromised in any way. After I receive the files from quote requests, they are relocated to an offsite storage for use. All files shared on Caddalog’s program management site are also secure and will be removed once the project is complete.

Product Revisions

No problem, if your product has been revised and needs a change I can provide a quote to make the required updates to Caddalog. “Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.” Li Keqiang

The Fail

If your company sells components used in industrial designs, you should have 3D CAD available for engineers to easily download. No, requesting cad thru email isn’t easy – it’s a pain, speaking form a designer’s perspective. While designing, I spend my time drawing parts my company will manufacture, I don’t want to waste my time drawing another company’s purchase component. Waiting for a company to send me a model of the product I am considering usually results in my selection of a different supplier.


For 24 years I have been using some type of CAD software, AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, SolidWorks, Inventor, ProE and Solid Edge are some of the programs I’ve utilized. Currently, I have a seat of SolidWorks 2014, 2016 (17 if required) and Inventor 2015. SolidWorks is my most efficient software of choice. If you would like to find out more about my professional background, look me up on Linkedin, if you would like to connect, please mention Caddalog.

Additional CAD Services

Does your company need some extra help with Solidworks? Feel free to contact me, we can discuss the project is and see if it’s a good match for my skillset. If the project is a good fit, an estimate will be provided. We can share project files through Caddalog’s secure project management software which allows large zip file uploads, file upload notifications, shared notes, timelines etc.

What if I Cancel

Are you sure? I hate to see you leave but if so, no problem. Please contact me with your account email address and I will proceed with the account cancellation. There will be no partial subscription refunds once you cancel. If you would like to transfer 3Dcontentcentral data to your ownership, there is a minimum $250 transaction fee.