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Market your product to MILLIONS of designers and engineers!

Caddalog will help you position your product exactly where you want to, in your customer’s bill of materials.

Are you a small company?  Do you have limited resources when it comes to marketing?  It’s expensive to employ a full time engineer to maintain and update your products CAD information on the internet.  Let’s face it, most engineers lack the skill set and have very little interest in maintaining your products website content.  It might seem like convent solution for a company to put an engineer in charge of this task but it can be very difficult to efficiently bridge the gap between engineering, marketing and webmaster.  Often times, lack of knowledge in these fields can ultimately end up wasting many hours in meetings or scrapping project altogether. This is where I can help, Caddalog is 1 person, 1 contact, 1 solution for your products online CAD data.  The vast majority of designers and engineers already use the internet to locate downloadable cad data.  Market your product to them in a self-serve environment whenever the time suits them.

Hey, have you done this before?? 😈

Download leads (spam)

As you can probably tell from the title, I won’t waste my time selling your company download leads. Unfortunately, I can remember the last time a company called me because I had to sign up to view a PDF of their product. This company sold bearings, I was considering using one of their slewing rings for an application and it didn’t take long for to rule it out of the design for budgetary reasons. Inevitably, the sales call came two weeks after I visited their website. This call was an annoyance and a total waste of time for both of us. If an engineer has a question about your product they will call and ask. How often do you enter fake information to allow you to download product literature without being hassled? – I do all the time! As a Caddalog client, you will only hear from a customer if they contact you directly.

Cost effective marketing: No commission.

It can be difficult to justify marketing niche products. Often times, these items products aren’t part of your core business and never make the list when it comes time to committing resources to a project. For small companies, this can be a real dilemma, wasting potential profit for years and sometimes even decades.  This is where I can help.  We have one goal – increase your sales by marketing 3D cad data.

Simple · Effective · Efficient

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Many companies can benefit from additional steams of revenue. This is the main reason I started Caddalog. Can your product do more than sit on a shelf waiting for someone to call? What if by simply allowing customers to download your products 3D CAD, it gets incorporated into a standard line of equipment’s bill of material (BOM) generating repeat sales?  Or better yet, what if your products online presence generates leads to your core business?  Caddalog offers a simple, cost effective test platform for all the small to mid-size companies out there who have a niche product to offer.  Let’s see if we can fill the manufacturing gaps in schedule with some new customers.  My goal is to help small and mid-size companies stay competitive in this challenging market.

Increase your sales potential

Caddalog publishes your company’s 3D models to popular websites used to download cad files, increasing your online presence. Our services focus on providing clear, concise content with each 3D model in addition to keyword and search engine optimization. Check out some of our customers below.

Tier 2

GWI Manifolds

Aluminum manifolds used for many water,  pneumatic and hydraulic applications.

Tier 2

IDT Shaft Collars

Stainless steel shaft collar mounts are perfect for equipment subject to wash down.

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